Money Saving Travel Hacks for an Australian Working Holiday

Money Saving Travel Hacks for an Australian Working Holiday

Expand your horizons and explore exotic places while travelling Australia on a working holiday.  From beautiful beaches to quaint and quirky towns and never-ending sunshine (most of the time, depending on where you are… haha), Australia has so much to offer.  But travelling Australia is not that easy on a budget unless you’re pretty savvy and plan ahead. Here’s a few essential travel hacks to help you save money on your working holiday in Australia. 

1. Wallet-friendly Accommodation

Hostels are a great place to stay when you’re starting out as you’ll get to meet like minded travellers and of course, if you’re happy to bunk up in a dorm room you can save money on accommodation compared to private rooms or hotels. Not only are you saving cash but you’re getting the authentic backpacker travel vibe, great travel tips and making memories that will last a lifetime. Another option if you’re a solo traveller and only staying in a city or town for a few nights or more long term is couch surfing or staying in room through Airbnb. This is a great option as you can meet locals and expats, get a taste for what it’s like to live in the place and you’ll be with people who could help you find your feet quickly. 

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If you’re feeling a little more adventurous and planning on being in more regional areas, you could even try camping. This will save you some serious money and you’ll get to enjoy some time in the famous Australian bush… Just be careful and make sure you’re prepared as we all know Aussies wildlife are not always friendly. 

2. Cook Your Own Food Before You’re Off Adventuring for the Day

Bring some home cooked food or enjoy the free public BBQ facilities at parks. To enjoy the facilities at the park, just bring some meat and veggies and start grilling! It may not be fancy but it helps you save! 

3. Bring out the Booze

Get your share of booze at the “Bottle-o” aka “bottle shop” aka “liquor store” aka “wine shop” or the good ol “off Licence”. The alcohol at the bottle-o is way more reasonable than at bars so starting your night off at the hostel or your house will save a ton of cash. And no doubt, you’ll learn about the world famous ‘Goon’. 

Here’s a proper backpacker tip for you: Goon is a common choice for budget drinkers. It is wine packaged in a box. It’s cheap and does you the same justice as any other alcoholic drinks but for less cash. WINNING! 

4. Make Your Way on the Greyhound Bus

The Greyhound Bus is one of the cheapest ways to travel Australia. Get a Greyhound Hop On Hop Off pass from $159 – $579 AUD, which allows you to hop on and off the bus as many times as you like. This is a great way to see Australia’s amazing scenery without spending loads on individual journeys.

5. Venture-off Around Australia on a Campervan

If you are traveling in a group or solo travelling around Australia, then here’s something for you: get yourself a campervan to drive, relax and enjoy the beauty of Australia. For example, if you fly into Sydney you can buy a campervan with your savings, you now have a mobile home and somewhere you can call your own. You’ll save a heap load of cash on accommodation, transport and you’ll be able to participate in car pooling where other backpackers will share your fuel cost in return for a ride. Yeeewwwww! (You’ll find out more Yeeewwww’s soon 😉 

Of course driving across Australia will take more time but there’s loads of opportunities to find work across the country and experience amazing activities like learning to Surf, Sailing in the Whitsundays, Bungee Jumping and 4WD on Fraser Island. An Australian road trip is a great way to travel the country, save money and make the most of your working holiday. 

6. Seek Refuge in Nature

Tourist traps can be an absolute nightmare for your wallet but let’s face it, you came here to see the sights. The trick here is to save in some areas so you can afford to invest in as many experiences as possible. Enjoying time in the great outdoors is super easy when you’re living in Australia. Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane all have Botanical Gardens, beautiful beaches within easy reach and plenty of waterside areas that you can enjoy for free! If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, you can head out to rural Australian areas like the Blue Mountains (New South Wales), Mornington Peninsula (Victoria) or Gold Coast’s hinterland (Queensland) where you can enjoy the stunning fauna and flora, meet skippy’s cousins and if you’re lucky, find a Koala eating some gum leaves. Just keep an eye out for spiders and snakes as these little critters are usually pretty damn dangerous. 

7. Collect Memories Instead of Material Things

Australia is dripping with heritage and across the country you’ll find you’ll find Museums and Galleries that you can visit for free, or for a minimal fee. The Art Gallery of New South Wales in Sydney and the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne are good places to start but keep an eye out for street art and smaller boutique galleries and coffee shops or boutiques that double up as art spaces. Melbourne Art Galleries is a great social media to check out upcoming events and in Sydney just head down toward Surry Hills and Darlinghurst for your culture kick. 

8. Save Money and Keep Travelling by Claiming Back Your Superannuation

You might be thinking we’re daft when we say you can actually leave Australia with more money than you arrived with but savvy backpackers will finish up their working holiday in Australia with some extra cash in the back. Our first tip here is to secure work straight away, getting your 90 days farm/regional work out the way is a great idea as you’re then set with a clear run of 1 year and 9 months to secure a decent job or travel and work your way around the country. Another great tip here is to buy a camper or decent size car or van that you can live in while on the road. This will save you a load of cash on accommodation and transport and you can sell it when you’re gone. The final stage of the money saving guide is to secure your superannuation refund when you leave Australia. 

If you’ve already left Australia or if you have a friend who’s left recently, check out our While You Were Here Membership page, fill out your details and we’ll help you find out how much cash you’re owed.

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