How to work in Australia – A Guide For Working Holidays & Temporary Residence

How to work in Australia - A Guide For Working Holidays & Temporary Residence

By far the most popular destination for people looking for a better quality of life and amazing experiences is Australia. Working Holiday Makers and expats from the UK, Germany and many countries around the world are choosing to make the jump and work and travel in Australia, but navigating the complexities of applying for the correct Skilled visa can be confusing. However, sharing a common language, visa accessibility and sun, sea and surf year round makes Australia a top choice among Brits and there are plenty of options. If you’re still in the UK and looking to live and work in Australia, read on.

Which Australian Visa Should You Apply For

Before you begin your hunt for cheap flight tickets, make sure you research which visa you should apply for first. Take a look through the Australian Skilled Occupation List, as this will tell you which skill sets and jobs are the most in demand. If you’re lucky, you may find your own profession is listed which would make you eligible to apply for an expression of interest and get the ball rolling. Once you have applied, the Australian government may even permit you to move their permanently. Perhaps one of the most common means of moving to Australia is through the 457 visa or, as it’s otherwise known, the temporary skilled visa programme. This visa programme allows employers to sponsor employees from overseas.

If gaining work experience in Australia is your long term goal, then the best thing you can do is plan for it while studying. Alternatively, a two year stint in an Australian university will make you eligible to apply for a graduate visa. This temporary visa will allow you to work in Australia following your graduation for a period of 18 months.

About the Australian Working Holiday Visa

If you don’t find your occupation on the skilled occupation list, or if you’re just finding it difficult to get hired, then another option would be the working holiday visa. This popular visa will allow you to work and live in Australia for a period of one year. However, the downside is that the holder can only work for any one employer for a maximum of six months, which can make finding a job that little bit more difficult.

Finding An Employer in Australia

Another way of migrating to Australia is to find an employer before you leave. This option is rarely easy but it’s more than worth the effort. Bear in mind that finding the correct employer to sponsor your stay is crucial, as their sponsorship will allow you to remain in the country legally, and you will be committed  to that one company for the duration. This means if you did want to move to another job while in Australia, you would have to find another company willing to sponsor you. 

So whatever visa path you chose to go down, begin planning early. The more research you do, the better decisions you will make, and the more likely your dream of migrating to Australia will become a reality.

If you’re planning on coming to Australia to live permanently, or on a Working Holiday or Student Visa, sign up to While You Were Here membership for access to help and support finding work, travel and deals across Australia.

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