How to Make the Most of Your Tax Cut

How to Make the Most of Your Tax Cut

Australians received good news from the Government recently that most of them would be eligible for around 500 Australian Dollars in tax cuts annually, up to 2025, as a result of the $144 billion dollar tax relief package passed in Parliament. This means, every week in 2018/19, most of us will be receiving about $10 […]

Simple Money Saving Tips (So you can see the world)

Simple Money Saving Tips

You may dream of travelling the world during your university break or annual vacation. But, as a struggling student or young professional just starting down the career path, this may turn out to be just a dream. You may have to pay for your lodging, your food and transportation. And we are not even talking […]

Understand Superannuation: Consider it as Overtime

Understand Superannuation

For some people, especially those who are new to Australia, it’s difficult to understand the intricacies behind the Superannuation Guarantee. No doubt it’s a complex and mind-boggling subject. However, it can be understood with a bit of simplifying and research.  The Superannuation Guarantee (SG), also known as compulsory employer contributions, is a scheme which requires […]

Super Rights for Same-sex Couples

Super Rights for Same-sex Couples

Rights for same-sex couples in Australia were endorsed by the majority of citizens and in parliament. Although such relationships were not equal under the laws of marriage until December 2017/January 2018, they were considered legitimate and equal, for superannuation entitlements. This also happened quite recently though. Many of the homophobic inequities in superannuation and retirement […]

How You Can Have a Super Life With a Super Fund

How You Can Have a Super Life With a Super Fund

What is a Superannuation Account?  Known as a superannuation account or superannuation fund, this is an investment option which entitles the holder to receive special tax concessions from the federal government. Regular cash contributions made to one’s super fund by that person, his/her employer or a third party keeps one’s superannuation account afloat. The cash […]

Ensure that Your Super Benefits Work the Best for You

Ensure that Your Super Benefits Work the Best for You

Most people, especially those who are new to Australia, are stumped by information related to Super Benefits and  the Superannuation Guarantee.  Whether it’s related to entitlements, co-contribution rules, Super Refunds, super taxes, retirement and making extra contributions, the information is not easy to understand for a ‘beginner’. So, they would naturally find it a complex […]

Super Fund Salary – What You are Entitled To

Super Fund Salary

Many shift workers are concerned about the components of their ‘Super fund salary’ from their employers; whether it should include both base and shift loading salaries. In most cases, employers pay super fund salary for both base and shift loading salaries, but only the base component is used to calculate life insurance and income protection.  […]

Darwin’s Best Cheap Eats

Darwin's Best Cheap Eats

Darwin may not immediately spring to mind when thinking about Australia’s culinary delights, but it should! It has some quirky, but wonderful eateries which will literally make your taste buds go wild with gastronomic pleasure.  There are high-end restaurants as well as hip cafes offering street food which has been inspired by everything from European […]

Your Superannuation Benefits after Divorce

divorce, superannuation benefits

What’s the Fate of Your Superannuation Benefit after a Divorce? Divorce opens many ugly realities and a thousand confusing and conflicting problems like a spouse’s rights to their partner’s superannuation. This guide will help clarify the blurred lines between divorce and settlement and the rules behind access to super that an ex agrees to share. […]

Key Considerations When Choosing Super


How to Compare One Superannuation Fund from Another The Australian Taxation Office requires employers to offer employees a choice of fund where the super contributions will be paid into. They also need to nominate a default fund in the event that an employee can’t choose a fund from the list provided to them. This guide […]