Australia Working Holiday Travel Guide

Australia Working Holiday Travel Guide

Working Holidays in Australia have become extremely popular amongst gap year students, backpackers and young professionals seeking possible careers moves and it seems only natural that more and more travellers will want their fair share of Aussie living. 

With each Australian state offering its treasures to all of those who come, it is hard to know exactly where to start your Australian Working Holiday. Furthermore, finding working holiday jobs in Australia and knowing the best places to travel in Australia, as well as the best ways to travel Australia can be quite daunting and so is often overlooked. Some choose to plan their Australian Working Holiday themselves and go with the flow whereas others may seek out an Australia Working Holiday Package. Whichever way you chose to go a great place to start is by reading our “how to guide”, which will put you a step ahead of the backpacker heard.

Planning Your Working Holiday in Australia

Planning your working holiday in Australia can feel like a high pressure task; after all, you are coming here to have the time of your life – so lets get it right! From everything to the best tours in Australia, the cheapest tours in Australia and even how to find jobs in Australia, the information you need to get things in full swing is right here. 

Working Holidays in Western Australia

  • Cities in Western Australia
  • Working holiday jobs in western Australia
  • The Best Attractions in Western Australia
  • Western Australia tour deals
  • Accommodation in Western Australia
  • Transport tips in western Australia
  • Festivals in Perth and Western Australia

Working Holidays on The East Coast of Australia

  • Cities and States on the East Coast Australia
  • Working holiday jobs on the East Coast Australia
  • The Best Attractions on the East Coast of Australia
  • East Coast Australia Tour Deals
  • Accommodation on the East Coast Australia
  • Transport tips on the East Coast Australia
  • Festivals on the East Coast Australia

Working Holidays in The Northern Territory

  • Darwin
  • Working Holiday Jobs in The Northern Territory
  • The Best Attractions in The Northern Territory
  • Northern Territory Tour Deals
  • Accommodation in The Northern Territory
  • Transport Tips for The Northern Territory
  • Festivals in The Northern Territory

Working Holidays in South Australia

  • Adelaide
  • Working Holiday Jobs in The Northern Territory
  • The Best Attractions in South Australia
  • South Australia Tour Deals
  • Accommodation in South Australia
  • Transport Tips for South Australia
  • Festivals in South Australia

Starting Your Working Holiday in Perth – Western Australia

Perth is like a recently developed super chilled breed of other cities in Australia, and around the world. Because Perth is fairly new and modern, its infancy has given Perth the chance to see where other cities could improve and made it better. Surrounded by unrivalled beaches such as Scarborough Beach, Cottesloe Beach and Fremantle Beach, and the adventure of a lifetime waiting for you up the west coast of Australia, it clear why so many decide to start their working holiday in Perth.

This brings us on to Broome; not usually the starting point of a working holiday but this makes it no less incredible or perfect for backpackers. Farm jobs in Broome is a massive part of what attracts backpackers but then there is also the fact that it has attractions like Cable Beach and Broome Town Beach, and finally, between Perth and Broome is where you can find all of the best attractions in Western Australia which is another reason why Broome has formed such a vast backpacker community.

Finding Working Holiday Jobs in Western Australia

Perth and Western Australia gathers its fair share of backpackers which can often generate favourable employment with hospitality jobs in Perth, building jobs in Perth and just north or south, there are plenty of farm jobs in Western Australia also. There is also the case that you might be a skilled worker in Australia and therefore you may want to jump on the rise of Healthcare jobs in Perth, or maybe even Teaching jobs in Perth.

The Best Attractions in Western Australia

South of Perth there is the most popular Margaret River and other towns south of Perth are now making a rise in popularity also. Perth to Broome and all that is between has become the alpha and omega of Western Australia tours. There are attractions such as The pinnacles, Jurien Bay, Geraldton, Kalbarri and Kalbarri National Park, Monkey Mia, Coral Bay, Exmouth, Karijini National Park and Broome. But of course, there are thousands of other incredible destinations in Western Australia just waiting to blow your mind!

Finding Western Australia Tour Deals

The fact that you didn’t come to Australia to only work, at some point, you will naturally consider various ways of exploring western Australia. The best way to travel western Australia is by far finding Western Australia Tours deals. Usually, backpackers set out on Perth to Broome Tours but if you want to get the full western Australia experience you should also consider tours south of Perth

Finding Accommodation in Western Australia

Accommodation in Perth will usually send you down the avenue of hostels in Perth. A range between cheap hostels in Perth, party hostels in Perth and the best beach hostels in Perth will give you plenty of options to choose from. If you are definitely looking for employment in Perth then hostels can be an affordable way to get the travel experience but also be soundly situated in one spot for as long as you wish.

Finding Transport Around Western Australia

If you are located in Perth City then the public transport is a fantastic way to get yourself around the centre and Perth’s surrounding areas. You may be considering buying a car which has many pros but unless you are about to venture out into Western Australia there isn’t much need for one, although the choice of freedom is always nice. But even then, there are other options of transport for when you do decide to travel Western Australia. You can rent campervans in Perth, which is a great way to save on accommodation and campsites in western Australia are very affordable. By far the most popular is the Hop on Hop off Service with Integrity Coachlines – as the ticket to travel from Perth to Broome is not only the fraction of the price of a car and also considering you won’t have to pay petrol, as well as having the option to Hop on and then Hop off at any destination you wish; this maybe the best way to travel Western Australia on budget.

Starting Your Working Holiday in Sydney and Cairns – New South Wales and Queensland – East Coast Australia

Working Holiday in Sydney – New South Wales

Commonly mistaken as the capital of Australia, Sydney is a serious force on every traveler’s bucket list and also a massive reason to start you working holiday in Sydney. This is because Sydney has everything to offer and its CBD is dancing with an energy that cant quit be expressed. With the Sydney Harbour, Bridge Climb Sydney, Bondi Beach and the Sydney Opera House rising to the highest of fames, you will be stoked upon your arrival to realise that these places are merely scratching the surface of attraction and the best things to do in Sydney.

Finding Working Holiday Jobs in Sydney

Sydney is no stranger to a backpacker falling in love with everything it has to offer and deciding to set up camp and look for working holiday jobs in Sydney. Whether you are a working professional or just looking for temp work in Sydney. There are all kinds of options from healthcare work in Sydney, trade work in Sydney, bar work work in Sydney or even find yourself the classic gig; working as a waiter in Sydney. A massive metropolitan city such as this will always have something to offer everyone frome skilled workers to casual workers. This is a great way to live in an Australian city that you absolutely love and even save money before you do finally head off… IF, you ever do!

The Best Attraction on The East Coast of Australia

The East Coast of Australia is absolutely flooded with attractions. The best attractions on the East Coast Australia is usually an endeavour best taken from Sydney to Cairns. Up the East Australian Coastline you’ll come across places like Byron Bay, The Gold Coast, Brisbane, Hervey Bay, Rainbow Beach, Fraser Island, Airlie Beach, The Whitsunday Island, Cairns, The Daintree Rainforest, Port Douglas and Cape Tribulation.

The Best East Coast Australia Tours 

Once you have completed your Sydney experience or maybe even having decided to take a short break from Sydney – you’ll naturally want to explore the East Coast of Australia. The best East Coast Australia tours are not difficult to find because there are “so few”, the best ones are hard to find because there are so many. The information below will be the perfect step in the right direction to find the best East Coast Australia Tours.

Finding Accommodation in Sydney

With the incredible bombardment of backpackers that Sydney experiences throughout every single year, there are no shortages when it comes to finding accommodation in Sydney. You may want to be amongst the highlife and will be seeking hostels in the centre of Sydney or maybe the ocean is more your thing and you would prefer Sydney beach hostels instead. Even if you are looking for hostels just outside of Sydney there is something perfect for everyone. If you have a backpack job in Sydney or are looking for Working Holiday Jobs in Sydney, you may even want to consider share houses in Sydney

Transport Tips Around Sydney

Public transport in Sydney is by far one of the best ways to get around. For example, if you are looking at getting around Sydney CBD you can jump on the free shuttle bus (555 CBD Free Shuttle Bus). Trains in Sydney are also extremely reliable and a great way to get out to suburban areas in Sydney like Bondi Beach and Manly. However, if you prefer your private space; car rentals may be the way for you. There are loads of cheap car rentals in Sydney to utilise.

 If you are planning a trip away from Sydney, which is most usually in the form of tours from Sydney to Cairns you should look at renting campervans from Sydney or alternatively, the really popular Greyhound hop on hop of coach which has become a very cheap and effective way to visit all the best places on the east coast Australia.

Starting Your Working Holiday in Cairns – Queensland, Australia 

Although Cairns does not hold the same kind of status as other cities in Australia and its CBD not really being a CBD at all, Cairns is an unforgettable destination. Really! The memories you’ll make here and the people you meet will stay with ya. This is because there is so much to in surrounding areas like Cape Tribulation, Port Douglas, The Daintree Rainforest, Airlie Beach and more. This place is party and adventure entwined in one head spinning down under experience.

Finding Working Holiday Jobs in Cairns

Working holiday jobs in Cairns come in the most common form as farm work around Cairns. In general, Queensland produces mostly banana farms and so, if you are around Cairns you should definitely look for jobs on banana farms. There is also plenty of bar work in Cairns in the high season as well as all other hospitality jobs

The Best Attractions in Cairns and Queensland

Cairns is very much a party town as far as the backpackers scene goes. However, there are options for seeing the Great Barrier Reef from Cairns, the Daintree Rainforest is right on your doorstep and just a few hours north of Cairns is Port Douglas and Cape Tribulation. South of Cairns, you have places like Mission Beach and the Table Mountains. Cairns is very much the hub from which the world see some of the best places in Queensland from.

Finding The Best Tours Deals in Queensland and Cairns

Cairns and Queensland as a whole, is by far one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. So to make the best experiences possible, tour guides compete to offer the best tours deals in Queensland. From, Fraser Island 4wd tours to Whitsunday Sailing Tours, and of course, Great Barrier Reef Tours; all adding reason to why Queensland is so popular. Finding the best tours around Cairns and Queensland is about seeing what deals are on offer, this way you can budget more to see more!

Finding Accommodation in Cairns

Finding accommodation in Cairns is of zero hardship in the slightest. But then of course, there are options to choose from. You may be looking for the best beach hostels in Cairns, party hostels in Cairns or perhaps campsites around Cairns will be more your thing. Either way there is no limit to your options so make sure you spend a little extra time to consider what the best hostel in Cairns might be for you.

Transport Tips For Cairns and Queensland

There is almost no 2 ways about it, if you really want to get the best out of your experience in Cairns and Queensland, at some point you are going to have to hit the road. Your options here all have various pros to them – one option is to rent campervans from Cairns, another is to buy your own car. 2 other options that are proving themselves popular is to either book yourself on Queensland tours that offer transport in the package and finally the Greyhound Hop on Hop off service.

Starting Your Working Holiday in Melbourne – Victoria Australia

Think fashion, think being outlandishly wild and wacky, imagine not caring what time of day it is because it’s always beer o’clock; then you might be getting close to Melbourne. People here literally do not care about anything other than having fun and living the good life. Naturally, the Melbourne lifestyle is very much part of the best things to do in Melbourne. You’ll have no trouble making new travel friends or finding entertainment. Melbourne was voted as the most livable city in the world repeatedly and this, after you arrive. 

Finding Working Holiday Jobs in Melbourne

Finding backpacker jobs in Melbourne is very much like finding work in all other cities in Australia. As Australia is expanding so rapidly, there is plenty of opportunity to find trade work in Melbourne and skilled workers such as health care professionals are in high demand and also there is a rise in Teaching Jobs in Melbourne. Because Melbourne is social crazy, there are literally thousands of bars and restaurants in Melbourne so there are plenty of Hospitality jobs backpackers and Melbourne being the coffee capital in Australia, there are loads of barista jobs in Melbourne.

The Best Attractions in Melbourne and Victoria

Melbourne is all about city life and so the attractions within Melbourne pretty much entail having wild shindigs after eating incredible food with your pals – which is awesome!. Places like Chapel Street, St Kilda Beach and Brunswick are great choices alternative to Melbourne CBD, of which, never fails to deliver a great time. If you are feeling extra adventurous that is the Grampians National Park, Yarra River and also Phillip Island.

Finding the Best Tours in Victoria

People rarely pass through Melbourne and so, when travellers arrive here, they are usually setting up camp for a little. This means the most tours are in the surrounding area of Victoria. Most popularly there are food and wine tours in Victoria and being sandwiched between the east coast of Australia and South Australia where tours are far more abundant, this is a great starting point for a Working Holiday in Australia.

Finding Accommodation in Melbourne

As Melbourne is on every single backpackers list of cities in Australia, there are naturally plenty of hostels in Melbourne to take a pick from. If you are looking for party hostels in Melbourne then hostels in Melbourne CBD or hostels in St kilda is the way to go. But equally, in both areas there are chilled hostels and an amazing number of choices. You may wish to consider house shares in Melbourne if you are staying longer but you might find that you miss out on the social aspect that hostels have.

Transport Tips Around Melbourne

Public transport in Melbourne is absolutely amazing. There are trams that literally take you all over the city as well as the Melbourne trains. There is little need for a car whilst in Melbourne, however, when you are considering leaving you may wish to consider coach services from Melbourne to Sydney or if you are headed the other way, coach services from Melbourne to Adelaide. Another great option is to rent a campervans from Melbourne which will save you pennies on accommodation.

Starting Your Working Holiday in Adelaide – South Australia

South Australia is very much the dark horse of bucket list destinations. For sure it is on everyone’s agenda but not always as prioritized as it deserves. Either way, when you get there you’ll see for yourself and wonder why you had not arrived sooner. With the Great Ocean Road, Flinders Ranges and the Eyre Peninsula serving as a back garden and Adelaide’s CBD as your front door it’s hard to not lose your words!

Finding Work in South Australia

In Adelaide, you will most likely find trade jobs like building work in Adelaide and hospitality jobs in Adelaide. Most of all however, South Australia is famous for its wine and so there are an uncountable amount of vineyards you’ll be able to work on which counts as farm work in Australia so you’ll be able to get your second year visa. If you are a skilled worker in Australia, teaching jobs in Adelaide and Healthcare jobs in Adelaide are on the rise so keep a careful watch over these working opportunities.

The Best Attractions in South Australia

Whilst travelling in South Australia there are a large number of attractions. If you are looking for the best attractions in South Australia then you must absolutely consider Kangaroo Island. On the mainland there is the Eyre Peninsula, The Nullarbor and The Flinders Ranges National Park. The best things to do in Adelaide most definitely consist of epic adventures and meeting new people from all over the world who are interested in doing the same!

The Best Tours in South Australia

As there are so many amazing attractions in South Australia, there are also incredible South Australia tours that make sure you get the chance to make the most of your SA adventure. From food and wine tours in South Australia to Kangaroo Island tours, South Australia ticks all the right boxes if you want to start your working holiday in Adelaide and still have the backpacker experience!

Finding Accommodation in South Australia and Accommodation in Adelaide

There are many different options for accommodation in South Australia; you may want to consider campsites in South Australia which is a popular option if you want South Australian farm jobs. There are also hundreds of hostels in South Australia that may sway you toward a slightly more social environment. Hostels in Adelaide also come in high numbers which gives you plenty of options and are all a great addition to the Adelaide experience.

Transport Tips in Adelaide and South Australia

Like most of Australia, the inner city Public Transport in Adelaide is very effective in getting you around the CBD. However, unless you have a car, getting around the whole of South Australia presents some challenges. The best way to combat this is either rent a campervan in Adelaide, you can cut back on additional costs with accommodation and instead use campsites in South Australia; it’s a great way to get about with your gang. The other option is, and what seems to be more popular is, using South Australia Tours to get about and see the places you are interested in. You’ll have the transport and loads of tours in South Australia offer Food and Accommodation.

Starting Your Working Holiday in Darwin – Northern Territory 

Darwin is a relatively busy city in The Northern Territory and just like other cities in Australia, it has many great social aspects and active attractions. Similar to Cairns, being cuddled by the Daintree Rainforest, Darwin is wrapped tightly in the Australian Outback and teaming with amazing National Parks. Darwin’s CBD is well known for its nightlife and has the shindigs in fall swing 365 days of the year. There is also Darwin’s lagoon; which was made as an alternative swimming spot which would otherwise be the ocean, which naturally, does not appeal to many as Box Jellyfish and Salt Water Crocs like to share these waters.

Finding Working Holiday Jobs in Darwin and Northern Territory 

Like all cities, there are plenty of hospitality jobs in Darwin and there is a fair share in trade work in Darwin also. If you are starting your working holiday here, it may be the best move to actually start your farm work in Darwin as farm jobs in the Northern Territory are all over the show. Mostly there are Mango Picking jobs but you will have to consider the best season for this. There are also cattle farm jobs in the Northern Territory and construction jobs around the Northern Territory.

The Best Attractions in the Northern Territory

One of the great things about starting backpacker jobs in Darwin and The Northern Territory is, you will be getting paid to live in one of the most extremely adventurous places in the world. One week you could be visiting Kakadu National Park, the next you could be headed to Uluru and whilst you are there, checking out Kata Tjuta National Park and Kings Canyon. The best places to see in The Northern Territory will all push you into unforgettable adventures. 

Other attractions;

  • Litchfield National Park
  • Katherine
  • Nitmiluk National Park
  • Watarrka National Park
  • West MacDonnell National Park

Finding The Best Tour Deals in Northern Territory

As always, it is important to consider the type of Northern Territory tours which interests you the most. Budget and time are always factors which could potentially decide the way you  see all of the best attractions in The Northern Territory. Whether you wish to see Kakadu National Park, Litchfield National Park, Uluru, Kata Tjuta National Park it is only limited to your own thirst for travel. 

Finding Accommodation in The Northern Territory

You have a real diversity in options for accommodation in the Northern Territory and all can add different pros to your overall experience. If your keen on nightlife antics, party hostels in Darwin are the way forward. There are hundreds of campsites in the Northern Territory and if camping in the outback interests you you truly are in the right state. What is important, is to consider which experience you are hoping for and of which can be complemented by finding the right accommodation in The Northern Territory.

Transport Tips for Darwin and The Northern Territory

As far as living in Darwin is concerned, everything is pretty much within walking distance or a bus journey away. As soon as you want to get out for the weekend or finally leave, you will have a few options to consider. Perhaps Tour companies in the Northern Territory are the best options because they generally provide transport across long distances – a great way to get from A to B whilst having a blast. Renting Campervans in The Northern Territory may also be a smart way to go about it so you can save money on accommodation but then, you might miss out on the attractions that tours can offer you. Finally, if you are headed out of the Northern Territory, down either, Western Australia or the East Coast of Australia then from Broome to Perth the is a Hop on Hop off Coach and from Cairns to Sydney there is also a Hop on Hop Off Coach Service. Getting into either the East Coast or the West Coast can also be achieved by the same methods of transport for the Northern Territory – Renting Campervans, Tour Guides or Coaches.

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